Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Minah Jamban

okayy . i wanna tell ya bout sum one who really 'nyebelin' . her name is Mariatul Syakirah . She totally annoyying me n also whole unit X-Ray at Hospital Jitra . She was beautiful but her attitude make her really ugly . She was arrogant , selfish n dll . Mak Wan n Daddy Chiang who take care us "me , sis ryn n atul' at Hospital Jitra also said a same thing . Its really funny because atul always think she's the best among us . When we have a work n atul in the xray room , she had give a high exposure for skull . Pity the patient . 1 more , dunno y si Atul always get in the toilet . we're called her 'Minah Jamban' . Dunno what she doing there . Atul said , she's only take care her face . haihh . When sis Ryn n i tidy our room , i was found tuna tin 'da berkulat' . OMG !! Gila PENGOTOR !! Tin tuna tu hak milik si Atul ni haa . ERrr . Makin Geli ngn dy lerr .

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